Friday, July 27, 2007

Michel Camilo - Triangulo (2002)

Born in the Dominican Republic, Michel Camilo's music is rich with Caribbean rhythms that are wedded to engaging harmonic and melodic sensibilities and draw on the whole of jazz over the 20th century. With complex chordal rhythms and melodies that evoke his homeland, Camilo reminds one of both McCoy Tyner and Chick Corea. Besides his own albums, he's also been an important presence on recordings by Paquito D'Rivera. Known for his work in the traditional trio format, Camilo has broadened the scope of the genre via his writing and arrangements, so that the three players take on qualities that are truly orchestral. Cuban drummer Horacio Hernandez and bassist Anthony Jackson are perfectly matched to Camilo's vision. Triangulo dazzles as Camilo's seven new compositions are joined by three well-chosen covers (including Dizzy Gillespie's "Con Alma"). Quietly nestled amidst the propulsive festivities is the gorgeous ballad "Just Like You," which finds all three players excelling at playing less and less, and at the volume of a whisper. --David Greenberger

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1. Piece Of Cake Listen Listen
2. La Comparsa Listen Listen
3. Mr. C.I. Listen Listen
4. Afterthought Listen Listen
5. Anthony's Blues Listen Listen
6. Con Alma Listen Listen
7. Las Dos Lorettas Listen Listen
8. Just Like You Listen Listen
9. Descarga For Tito (Puente) Listen Listen
10. dotcom-bustion Listen Listen

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Anastasia Bardina - GRAN-d Surprise (1996)

Although not well-known in the West, Anastasia Bardina is one of the best Classical Guitar Players in the world. She is the only guitarist in Russia who plays both 7-string Russian and 6-string Classical guitar and is perfect in her mastership. She also plays GRAN Guitar (abbreviation for Guitar - Russian - Acoustic - New) which is almost the same as Classical guitar, but with twelve strings - 6 nylon and 6 steel.


Seven-string Guitar

1. Napoleone Coste (1806-1883). Les Soirees d'Auteil
2. Dionisio Aguado (1764-1849). Fandango, Op.10
3. Ivan Khandoshkin (1747-1804). Sonata for Violin Solo in G Minor, arr. A.Bardina

Matvey Pavlov-Azancheyev (1888-1963):
4. Waltz "Dream"
5. Procession
6. Moth
7. Ancient Clock
8. Scherzo
9. Waltz "Snow-Flakes"

Six-string Guitar

Jorge Morel:
10. Danza Brasilera
11. Romance
12. Missionera

Nikita Koshkin (1956):

13. Wedding Waltz

Suite "Elves":
14. Gavotte
15. Waltz
16. March
17. Melody
18. Gallop

19. Usher-Waltz


20. Jorge Cardoso. Milonga, arr. J.Morel
21. Roland Dyens. Tango En Skai
22. Anatoly Olshansky. Down The Stream - Dedication to V.Ustinov

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Roland Dyens - Ao Vivo (1995)

Ao Vivo

Roland Dyens guitarrista clásico y compositor nacido el 19 de octubre de 1955 en Francia. Su primer acercamiento a la guitarra fue a los 9 años. Posteriormente fue alumno del guitarrista español Alberto Ponce. A los 21 años consiguió la Licence de Concert de L’Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris.
Aprendió composición con Désiré Dondeyne (compositor y director de orquesta).
Es importante su gran valía como intérprete, arreglista, compositor y artista improvisador.


RealOne Player
1. Un.provisation Écouter
2. Etude N 6 Écouter
3. Thème Félin Écouter
4. Round About Midnight Écouter
5. Berimbau Écouter
6. Gnossienne N 1 Écouter
7. Deux.provisation Écouter
8. Jeu De Quartes Écouter
9. Songe Modal Écouter
10. Rondo Écouter
11. Thème Félin Écouter
12. Cuba Libre Écouter
13. Scottish Madrilène Écouter

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